The 7623-C Switch presents itself as being of high quality and expressiveness, and satisfies all the requirements of every customer. The 7623 switch will serve to your home, office or another place for a long time owning to its durability.

  • The mechanism of one-gang one-way is made of polyamide
  • One-gang one-way switch is mounted in the mounting box with supports
  • One-gang one-way switch is fixed on supports with multi-stepped fasteners on the socket
  • The supports are mounted in the mounting box with screws
  • The wires are mounted with screws
  • Maximal diameter of the wire is 2,5mm
  • The mechanism of one-gang one-way switch is shipped together with the outer panel and light window


  • Mechanism type: one-gang one-way switch
  • Maximal electricity: 1000 W
  • Electric potential: 220-240V 50 Hz
  • Contact material: brass
  • Contact head material: silver 925
  • Outer material: polyamide (thermoplastic polymer)
  • Overall size: 25x50mm
  • Available colors: white, ivory, gray metallic, silver

Name: Rocket switch 7623

Series: A -707

Number: 7623