One-way Switch 2626 presents itself as being of high quality and expressiveness owning to its simple design and high quality, and easily fuses with every interior.

  • The mechanism of one-way 25A switch is metallic
  • One-way 25A switch is mounted in the mounting box with screws
  • The wires are mounted with screws
  • Maximal diameter of the wire is 2,5mm
  • The mechanism of one-way 25A switch is shipped together with the outer panel.
  • One-way 25A switch is made for devices that use 5500 kW maximal electricity


  • Mechanism type: one-way 25A switch
  • Maximal electricity: 5500 W 5,5 kW
  • Electric potential: 220-240V 50 Hz
  • Contact material: brass
  • Contact head material: silver 925
  • Outer material: aminoplast (thermostatic melamine formaldehyde)
  • Mechanism material: aminoplast (thermostatic melamine formaldehyde)
  • Overall size: 70,9x70,9mm
  • Available colors: white, ivory, red, black, red granite

Name: Rocker switch 2626

Series: G - 805

Number: 2626