Comfortable light control is no more a trouble. Switching your lights through the motion sensor 2628, allows not only to save electricity, but also to provide maximum convenience to your home. Thanks to it's innovative design, the motion sensor 2628 will perfectly match your interior. The lumbar sensor is based on infrared radiation, the action of which allows detecting and responding to the moving objects. The infrared emission spectrum allows the sensor to work even in the complete dark.

  • The mechanism of motion sensor dimmer is metallic
  • Motion sensor is mounted in the mounting box with screws
  • The wires are mounted with screws
  • Maximal diameter of the wire is 2,5mm
  • The mechanism of the motion sensor is shipped together with the outer panel and semi-transparent rotary knob


  • Mechanism type: electronic 
  • Radius: 120 degrees
  • Controlling distance: 6 meters
  • Outer gang material: ABC plastic
  • Overall size: 70,9x70,9mm
  • Available colors: white, ivory

Name: Motion Sensor 2628

Series: G - 805

Number: 2628