Antenna sockets should be of high quality for sustained signal distribution.

Antenna socket 2421 makes TV broadcast smoother regardless of the place of installation due to its innovative and accurate structure. The wide colors range helps you find the most suitable choice for your interior. You only need to insert the cable into antenna socket 2421 and enjoy your favorite TV program.

  • TV antenna socket mechanism is metallic
  • The supports are mounted in the mounting box with screws
  • The mechanism of the TV antenna socket is shipped together with the outer panel


  • Mechanism type: antenna socket
  • Connection type: TV
  • Frequency range: 5-2400 MHz
  • Attenuation: 1,0 TV (dB)
  • Connector type: PAL screw in connector for coaxial cable RG-6/U, Female plug (F plug to PAL jack) 9.5mm, or F-type connector (double-female) for RG-6 cable, screw in 9.5mm
  • Outer material: aminoplast (thermostatic melamine formaldehyde)
  • Mechanism material: galvanized brass
  • Overall size: 70,9x70,9mm
  • Available colors: white, ivory, black, red, red granite

Name: Socket 2421

Series: G - 805

Number: 2421