Sound system socket 2431 is designed for the direct connection of stereo sound systems and home theatres. It’s easy to install, is practical and will serve you for a long time owning to its high quality. The availability of two plugs allows the simultaneous connection of two equipments.

  • The mechanism of sound system socket is metallic
  • Sound system socket is mounted in the mounting box with screws
  • Sound system socket is used for the connection of loudspeakers for home theatres and audio stereospeakers


  • Mechanism type: sound system socket with two plugs
  • Connection type: 2 connectors
  • Number of contacts: 2x2 (+ and -)
  • Outer material: ABC plastic
  • Overall size: 70,9x70,9mm
  • Available colors: white, ivory

Name: Socket 2432

Series: G - 805

Number: 2432